Ibiza VIP Concierge Services:
Table bookings, catering, private chefs, bodyguards and more

Bespoke concierge services on Ibiza

At Ibiza Blue, we are dedicated to the needs of both private and corporate clientele. We specialize in exclusive luxury lifestyle experiences by offering any number of concierge-type services.

Whether you need reservations at one of Ibiza's beach clubs, night clubs or cabarets or whether you are looking for a complete package that includes cleaning, beauty, fitness or childcare services at your private villa rental, don't hesitate to call on Ibiza Blue.

Delivering only the very best

Every introduction and request is handled personally and with the utmost condifentiality.

By delivering only the very best, our clients have come to trust us and to rely on a level of service that allows them to experience Ibiza to the fullest. With Ibiza Blue, you’re always on the list.

Complete list of concierge services

  • Reservations & Table Bookings

    We can book your VIP table at any beach club, restaurant or night club. Please note that the majority of establishments will require a 50% advance payment on your credit card.

  • Catering & Private Chef

    We can hire a private chef to prepare your meals or arrange for a catered dinner at home or on your boat.

  • Maid & Household Services

    We collaborate with reliable home maintenance personnel and we can arrange and supervise the cleaning of your rental villa or flat.

  • Fitness, Health & Beauty Services

    From personal trainers and yoga instructors to beauticians, hairdressers and massage therapists, we can arrange for such services in the comfort of your home or yacht.

  • Security & Bodyguards

    Trained to provide you and your close ones with protection and safety, all in absolute discretion, 24 hours a day or as needed.

  • Babysitting & Childcare

    Visting Ibiza with children? We can provide you with reliable, highly-referenced childcare personnel. We'll shortlist the best providers based on your criteria and can arrange interviews.

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