About Ibiza Blue...

Cathy Meillat, Founder of Ibiza Blue

Founded by Catherine Meillat, Ibiza Blue is an exclusive concierge and events planning company based on the island of Ibiza.

Cathy and her team pride themselves on providing you with the very best service and ensuring that you have a memorable holiday or special occasion, without the stress and worries of having to organise it yourself.

With intimate local knowledge and a widespread and strong network of reliable providers, we can deliver on almost any special request. It's like traveling with your secretary or personal assistant ensuring that you have someone on hand, 24 hours per day, to cater to your specific needs.

Key core values

Providing two main areas of service which are concierge and event planning, our key core values consist of:

  • Focus On You
    Our focus is on you as an individual and not as simply another customer. Your needs are treated with the utmost care to ensure that you are satisfied at all times.
  • Reliability
    Once we have commited to working together and a service agreement has been signed, you can depend on us and we will ensure that our services are performed on deadline and to the highest standard.
  • Speed
    When you need to have something done, we recognise that it should be done straightaway. Our staff is committed to providing a fast response at all times.

Our fee structure

We work on the basis of a service agreement (view or print agreement) to be signed by both parties along with a minimal retainer of 295€. This retainer buys you 6 hours of services and covers our fees for any other special assistance with non-commissionable services.

All other services such as table bookings, hotel reservations, transportation, boat charter, etc... are commissioned between 5% and 10%. In many instances this commission is included in the price and would be the same as if you booked the service yourself!

Please contact us for more information or to request a quote for our services